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The Regulations of HUANG Shou-shu Prize of Chinese Astronomical Society

1、 Purpose
The Huang Shou-shu Prize is specially set up by Chinese Astronomical Society in memory of Sir Huang Shou-shu and in order to promote the development of Chinese astronomy, encourage and honor the young astronomers who have made outstanding achievements in astronomical researches.

2、 Sources
The special foundation is set up by Chinese Astronomical Society based on the bequest of Sir Huang Shou-shu. It also accepts the donations from the organizations and individuals at home and abroad.

3、 Coverage, quota and amount
The Huang Shou-shu Prize is biennially awarded. It awards the Chinese astronomers under forty who have made outstanding achievements in astronomical researches and whose awarded works should be mainly completed at home. The prize amounts to  50,000 RMB.

4、 Selection committee
The selection committee consists of seven astronomers invited by Chinese Astronomical Society. Each term lasts two years. The reappointment is not allowed to last longer than two terms. The newly appointed committee members may be suggested by the selection committee of last term. They are discussed and decided by the General Council of Chinese Astronomical Society.

5、Judging Program
(1) The referees are invited to recommend the award candidates. Individuals cannot nominate themselves; the referees need to provide formal written materials. The application materials are restricted to one achievement and less-than-three papers. The proof materials about the achievement can be attached.
(2) The selection committee carries out a deliberation on the formal award candidates according to their research achievements. More than two-thirds of the committee members must attend the deliberation. Through a secret ballot, the candidate who gets the votes from the over half attendance wins the prize; if no one gets the over half votes, the prize is not awarded then.  
(3) The selection result is reported and approved by Chinese Astronomical Society. The prize and certificate are awarded by Chinese Astronomical Society.

6、The modifications and the power of interpretation of these regulations belong to the General Affairs Council of Chinese Astronomical Society.

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