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The Regulations for the ZHANG Yuzhe Prize of CAS

1. Purpose
In order to commemorate Mr. ZHANG Yuzhe and promote the development of Chinese astronomy, the ZHANG Yuzhe Prize established specially by Chinese Astronomical Society (CAS) will encourage and reward the astronomers for outstanding achievements in the field of Chinese astronomical researches.


2.The Sources of the Prize Money
CAS  has established special funds and accepts the donations from the organizations and individuals at home and abroad.


3.The Rewarding Objects, Quota and Prize Amount
The Zhang Yuzhe Prize is awarded every other year to one Chinese astronomer who made important contributions to astronomical researches and whose award-winning work is mainly carried out in China. The Zhang Yuzhe Prize recipients  will be awarded with a cash prize of ¥50,000.


4. The Selection Committee
The selection committee is composed of 5 astronomers hired by CAS with a maximal reappointment of three terms. This committee serves for a term of 2 years and one or two committee members should be replaced each term. The new members of the committee can be recommended by the previous selection committee. However, their qualifications will be determined by the General Council of CAS after discussion. The chairman of each selection committee is held by one of the last committee members as to assure the smooth progress of the new selection committee’s work.


5. The Awarding Procedure
(1) Any member of CAS may recommend the candidates for awards and provides formal written materials. The selection committee does not accept self-nominations.


(2) The selection committee will carry out a serious review for the formal candidates according to their research achievements. Being voted by secret ballot, the candidate whose poll is more than half will become the recipient of that year. If there is not a majority of the whole number, then no one will be awarded in that given year.


(3) The selection results will be sent to the General Council of CAS for approval. The prizes and certificates are awarded by CAS.


6. The modifications and the power of interpretation for these regulations belong to the General Council of CAS.

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